Welcome to Primetime Potter Online!

Every Monday and Tuesday from 9-11pm, Primetime Potter goes live, across the Primetime Network. This is the digital side, where you can get all the information on the show, and listen back to old episodes!

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When Can I Hear The Show?

We're live every Monday and Tuesday from 9-11pm across the Primetime Network and by clicking the green play button below. But, if you're here out of hours, (and that's 164 hours a week) head to the Listen Again page to catch up on our most recent shows!


How Can I Get In Touch?

Call 0208 123 8358 or Skype 'Primetime Potter' to get in touch with the show. Obviously, you can only get in touch when the show is on air, but feel free to leave us a voicemail whenever you want...


Meet The Team!

Gary, Rhys and Jack are the three main people involved with the show: but they look nothing like the people on the icon to the left. Find out more about them on 'The Team' page - click here!


Get the iPhone Application!

You can view this website on your iPhone or iPad, but we've got an even better app to accompany it. Listen back to old shows, listen live on air and so much more - with the 'Pocket Potter' app - just search the App Store for it now.