Primetime Potter is taking a much needed break!

Dearest listeners and general followers on. Gary and Rhys (mainly Gary) have decided with a heavy heart to give the show a break for a while. Sadly, our beloved (and free) server has had to be closed down, plus Gary having found a new station annoyed them enough after just one show to get taken off air. In addition, the show has been growing a bit stale for some time now – in it’s heyday Primetime had a number of fantastic contributors, however as time has gone on, we’re now left with a couple of complete idiots (Alan Caddick and Tom Elkins in case you were wondering) and the show just isn’t sustainable in it’s current form without more interaction.

But don’t cry – it’s not dead just resting. We do want to bring the show back to you at some point in the future, once we’ve had a think about the direction to take it in. It could be weeks, it could be months but rest assured, we WILL be back.

Gary and Rhys would like to thank all of the people who’ve worked on the show. In particular, “Producer” Jack, possibly one of the funniest men to grace an internet station, “Server Man” Henry, who gave us a free server for many years and “Admin B***h” Callum, responsible for podcasting the show.

We’d also like to give a huge thanks to the callers throughout the years – many of you have made calls that are libelous, obscene and illegal in numerous other ways. But most of all, they’ve been very very funny!

Finally, thank you for listening. Do subscribe to our facebook page ( as when we do come back, you’ll hear about it there. And make sure you download old shows on iTunes. Search for Pocket Potter.

Gary and Rhys are still doing radio in their own unique styles. You can catch them as follows:

The Mix Radio Extra’s ride home, Monday-Friday 4-7pm (plus covering for various other shows on The Mix as well)

RHYS (when isn’t he on the radio?!)
Radio Cardiff (FM) Monday 3-5pm
The Mix Radio (Internet) Wednesdays 7-10pm and Sundays 10-12pm
GTFM (FM) Thursday 1-4pm, Friday 8-11pm
Bro Radio (FM) Saturday 6-10am
Apple FM Taunton (FM) Saturday 4-6pm

Love to you all.

Gary Potter & Rhys Edwards

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